Impeaching Trump Would Be Purely Symbolic And Theres No Reason To Think It Would be Effective Symbolism Lawyers Guns Money

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Note here that Pelosi isnt saying that Trump shouldnt be impeached but that theres no point in impeaching him if he cant plausibly be removed from office. if trump cant be convicted in the senate impeachment is purely a question of symbolic politics. Open ended investigations are an excellent way of making him even less popular while informing the public. The only considerations of impeaching Trump with no hope of removal are political and theres every reason to think that the downside far exceeds the upside. Now Pelosis comments are causing some in the Presidents political orbit to recalibrate. PrematureThe Presidents political orbit isnt unanimous in viewing the prospect of an impeachment as a political net positive for the President. One Trump campaign adviser said it was premature to know whether impeachment proceedings would play in the Presidents favor. Trump campaign press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said in the statement. It does take our eye off the ball because an impeachment process is an extraordinarily all consuming process Hoyer told Cavuto. The American people elected somebody who I think ought not to be president of the United States

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