Mike Lee Impeachment of Trump Won t Turn Out Well for Dems in 2020

trump impeach


Some House Democrats are pointing to the alleged obstruction as the basis for impeachment proceedings. They have been holding out for this mystical Mueller report for two years. The there isnt there doubting that the Mueller report lays out a clear case of obstruction of justice. mitt romney trying to take jeff flakes place as thorn in trumps sidelahren. hes a cancer conways husband calls out barr over original framing of mueller report conways husband mocks trump for giving advice to boeing more nothing is. Conway called on Congress to remove Trump in a Washington Post column last week writing that Muellers report demonstrates Trump as a cancer in the presidency. Conway made the same comparison to Nixon in the column writing that Nixon was passive compared to Trump. Do we have a president who is loyal to the country and the object of the question is Donald J. Conways excoriation of Trump has drawn the presidents ire before but Trump has largely been silent on Conway since despite Conways continued criticism. we dont have to go to articles of impeachment to obtain the facts she added

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