Muellers bombshell Trump can be impeached or indicted later

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Melber breaks down why Mueller may have referred to both the Congressional power of impeachment and the possibility for former Presidents to be indicted. In an interview on Face the Nation CBS host Bob Schieffer noted that several high profile Democrats are calling for impeachment proceedings to begin due to the release of special counsel Robert Muellers Russia investigation report. History I think history would smile upon us for standing up for the Constitution. Our democracy cannot afford that Cummings added. I dare Nancy Pelosi to impeach Donald Trump. So why wont Nancy Pelosi allow the valiant defenders of goodness and rightness who are the left left Democrats to bring articles of impeachment in the House?Impeach Trump now!Impeach Donald Trump!. president donald trump and first lady melania trump arrive for the annual white house easter egg roll on the south lawn of the white house . Trump made the comments Monday during the annual Easter Egg roll when asked by reporters about special counsel Robert Muellers portrayal of a White House in which staffers often ignore the presidents orders. Trump was also asked whether he was worried about impeachment a talking point among some liberal Democrats. one of my favourite scenes from charlie and the chocolate factory features appalling spoiled brat veruca salt screaming at her father

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