Tlaib says shell introduce articles of impeachment against Trump this month

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joined protesters on Capitol Hill to described what she called an emergency conveyed to her by her constituents. We want to be able to work on these economic justice issues racial justice issues and everything. DEMOCRATIC FRESHMAN LAWMAKER TLAIB RAISES SPECTER OF RACISM DURING COHEN TESTIMONYTlaib was pressed by reporters over Democratic leaderships message that unfounded calls for impeachment could spell trouble for the party in 2020. When the facts are known Pelosi said last week. On Fridays broadcast of MSNBCs Hardball host Chris Matthews stated that President Trump has committed impeachable crimesin broad daylight. Matthews said Some argue that the push for impeachment is ahead of schedule. The fact is Donald Trumps impeachable crimes have been committed in broad daylight. Trump asking the FBI Director to drop his investigations of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. Trump firing his Attorney General his part in Trumps presidential campaign. The Daily Memphian columnist Michael Nelson has some discouraging words for U

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