Trump Impeachment Could Be Used By Allies To Help Increase His Chances Of Re Election CNN Reports

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institutions of higher education dont even try to live up to their egalitarian ideals. Americas latest academic scandal has something for anyone who resents or is offended by elitist universities and wealthy celebrities which is almost everyone. According to CNN the prospect of impeachment could serve as a chance for advisers to cast Trump as a victim of Washington politics and overzealous Democrats. Similarly as there are no grounds for such proceedings to take place. One unnamed campaign adviser told CNN that its still too early to determine whether Trump would be able to benefit from impeachment proceedings as the fact that the Mueller report has not yet been released makes it hard to predict what the Democrats could bring up as grounds for impeachment. As cited by CNN the official insisted that Trumps base is energized regardless whether he gets impeached or not. The weighty determination of whether to remove a President depends on factors beyond the mere application of law to facts. Already it looks quite likely that he committed criminal violations of campaign money payments to Stormy Daniels. It is possible that Robert Mueller may reveal evidence of additional wrongdoing perhaps even criminal misconduct. Indeed the American people in 2020 will be in a far better position to render judgment than they were in the past two impeachment controversies

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