Trump impeachment SHOCK Ocasio Cortez launches resolution He OBSTRUCTED justice

trump impeach


Although the findings from the report did not incriminate the President Ms Ocasio Cortez has concluded that the evidence is enough to impeach him. muellers report is clear in pointing to congress responsibility in investigating obstruction of justice by the president. donald trump delighted by mueller report findings in defiant speech. what the mueller report disturbingly shows is that today there is a cancer in the presidency. Trump writes George Conway in a Washington Post op ed. Congress now bears the solemn constitutional duty to excise that cancer without delay a longtime Trump critic who is the husband of top Trump aide Kellyanne Conway. George Conway writes that Trump was not exonerated at all by the Mueller report even as the special counsel didnt reach a conclusion about whether Trump committed crimes of obstruction of justice. Charged with faithfully executing the laws Conway adds. But now with the release of the Mueller report we find that it was all false. The House Judiciary Committee launching an investigation into whether Trump committed impeachable offenses

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