Trumps All Out Blockade Of House Oversight Is Forcing The Impeachment Issue One Way Or The Other

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He argued that special counsel Robert Muellers report lays out seven or eight things that are left undone that Mueller felt was not within his purview to investigate. The Congress is attempting to take that up Biden said. Hes held a roundtable with people who have issues with Spectrum. His first bill would require any cable company fined by its state service commission to make disclosures on fees charged and internet speeds delivered. Former Vice President Joe Biden told Good Morning America on Tuesday that he believes President Donald Trump should be impeached if he tries to impede congressional investigations into alleged misconduct by himself and his associates. One Biden said when asked about the conclusions he reached regarding special counsel Robert Muellers report. Biden has been touching on a number of hot button issues since announcing his presidential candidacy for 2020. Biden was recently criticized by a Sanders campaign aide for attending a fundraiser with a health insurance executive in Philadelphia implicitly arguing that Biden was part of the institutional problems that the Sanders campaign wishes to rectify. Asked how Democrats could work with Trump when hes simultaneously tanking their investigative efforts we are here to do something for the American people. Thats the quote Pelosi wanted out of the infrastructure meeting she had requested with Trump

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