Trying To Impeach Trump Could Bolster His Base Todays Talker

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Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden said in a television interview aired Tuesday that Congress would have no alternative but to impeach President Trump if the White House tries to block Democratic led investigations spurred by special counsel Robert Muellers report on Russian election interference. Biden stopped well short of the five Democratic hopefuls push to immediately move for impeachment an issue that has divided the Democratic caucus. Biden said in the GMA interview hes focused on trying to win the nomination and beat Trump in the general election in 2020. My job in the meantime is to make sure hes not back as president of the United States of America who announced his bid for the Democratic presidential nomination last week. After Barack Obama won the White House smart Republicans found ways to defeat him in the midterms. Their party would be wise to ignore the shortcuts and persuade voters to return them to the White House. We are the only ones who can remove this nightmare from our White House

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