Trump News Live US Attorney General Facing Impeachment Calls After Lying To Congress As President Lured Into Retweeting F Trump Account

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CLOSE House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says impeachment is one of the most divisive paths that we can go down. heres something democrats need to start saying. And any Democratic presidential candidate who wont call for impeachment proceedings to begin cannot be trusted to confront the emergency our country faces. Trump is going to be the fixation of TV talking heads until he is defeated and possibly even thereafter. ive warned that impeachment talk is dangerous but the time has come. Senate Democrats are putting the brakes on impeachment chatter in the House cautioning that lawmakers need to do more work before even thinking about moving forward on the issue. Theres some concern among Senate Democrats that pursuing impeachment proceedings could paralyze congressional action on other issues. Schumer noted to reporters earlier in the day that talk of the Mueller report and impeachment didnt come up at a White House meeting between Trump and Democratic leaders. Washington is notorious for being able to compartmentalize said Rep. Having just gotten back after a couple of weeks at home I thought it interesting that I didnt get a single question about the Mueller report

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