Democrats Demand End Of Trump Tax Cuts Or Else No Infrastructure Funding

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republican presidential frontrunner donald j. # p #2_9 # ad skipped = NULL #Minority Whip Steve Scalise says he does NOT think there is an appetite in the GOP for a $2 trillion infrastructure bill Zanona tweeted Monday. # p #7_9 # ad skipped = true #The president reportedly hates the plan that his own administration came up with. # p #8_9 # ad skipped = true #The legislation would be the biggest test yet of Trumps power over the Republican Party. We must also invest in resiliency and risk mitigation of our current infrastructure to deal with climate change. The Democrat leaderships letter arises as Trump economic adviser Larry Kudlow said Monday that President Trump continues to mull whether to back a federal gas tax increase to pay for an infrastructure package. Schumer reportedly will not back a gas tax increase unless Trump can undo the cost through repealing some of the GOP tax cuts. Many Americans oppose a gas tax increase because it remains regressive meaning that it will impact low income Americans the most. As soon as that magically appears I think we have a way forward McConnell added. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said there was good will in the meeting a marked departure from the last meeting between Trump which ended with Trump walking out in a huff

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