Irans Foreign Minister Says His Beef Is With Trumps Advisers And Allies Not Trump

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irans economy is on the brink thanks to the trump administrations sanctions according to the international monetary fund. And Irans problems are expected only to worsen once President Trumps promised sanctions on the leading buyers of the Islamic Republics oil take effect. The administration had granted oil sanctions waivers when it re imposed sanctions on Iran after Trump pulled the U. of reneging on the nuclear agreement and of causing Iranian economic unrest. IRANS FOREIGN MINISTER ACCUSES TRUMP OFFICIALS MIDEAST ALLIES OF DRAGGING US INTO CONFLICT WITH IRANThe Trump administration is seeking to further ramp up pressure on Iran by strangling the revenue it gets from oil exports. iranian foreign minister javad zarif had a message for president donald trump this week. It was the latest escalation in the USs campaign of maximum pressure on Tehran nearly a year after the Trump administration withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal. The United States currently removes about 2 million barrels of oil per day from the worlds supply through sanctions on the Iran and Venezuela industries. The last remnants of President Obamas disastrous nuclear deal with Iran will soon be gone ending the legacy of U. trump tightens noose around irans economy saudi arabia and other opec countries are going to offset the loss of iranian crude by ramping up their own production

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