Pompeo Trump Will Continue to Ratchet Up Pressure on Iran

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President Donald Trump will increase pressure on Iran U. I can assure the rest of the world that President Trump will continue to ratchet up the pressure on the Islamic Republic of Iran so that their behavior will change Pompeo said. in response weve been clear about our objective in getting iran to zero [imports. Reuters reported Tuesday that Indian refiners are holding back from ordering Iranian oil for loading in May while they wait for word on the sanctions waiver. intelligence agencies and some State Department officials concerned that the document politicizes and slants assessments about Iran five sources with knowledge of the matter said. officials emerged on Tuesday when the State Department posted on its website an unclassified version of an annual report to Congress assessing compliance with arms control agreements that the sources saw as skewed Iran. The administration also is waging a propaganda campaign aimed at fueling popular anger against Irans government. The State Department did not comment on Pobletes role. the administrations heavy handed misuse of the foreign terrorist organization. This was a wholly predictable result and one that underscores just how absurd the administrations demands for Iran are

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