Your summer vacation could be collateral damage in Trumps hard line on Iran

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The Trump administration said it had plans to replace the Iranian oil. Pompeo said de facto OPEC leader Saudi Arabia had committed to making sure the global oil market has enough supply. He also said the promise to replace Iranian oil on the global market could be constrained by production capacity. If theres no increase from any country were going to have very little breathing room this summer in terms of oil supply. Trump administration officials have held several meetings in recent weeks to discuss eliminating some or all of the nuclear sanctions waivers an administration official and source familiar with the discussions told CNN. The discussions have also prompted concerns among career State and Treasury Department officials who worry that revoking the waivers will eliminate important safeguards on Irans nuclear program. The step would be just the latest in the administrations moves to undermine the nuclear deal with Iran and ramp up the US pressure campaign on Iran. Increasing the pressure on Iran is the motivating factor for proponents of eliminating the sanctions waivers. Eric Brewer believes the motive of those arguing for the nuclear waivers to be eliminated is clear. US toughens stance on Iran theres the impact of threatening to prevent Iranian oil from reaching the global market

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