Trump says Dems skipping AIPAC were anti Israel and its a disgrace

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We will never allow the legitimization of the occupation of the Golan Heights Erdogan added. Last week instead calling it Israeli controlled. President Donald Trump said Friday as he left for Florida that Democrats skipping a prominent pro Israel and their conduct is disgraceful. will officially recognize the contested Golan Heights region as a part of Israel. Thank you President Trump!In a new report the U. called the Israeli controlled Golan Heights. President Donald Trump repeated his claim that Democrats are anti Israel ahead of his meetings next week with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. But there had been hints that the Trump administration was heading in the direction of recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Golan Heights. resolution that annually condemns Israels presence in the Golan Heights the first time it had done so. Netanyahu has closely aligned himself with Trump ahead of his reelection race that has been marred by corruption indictments against the Israeli leader

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