Trump says hed poll at 98 percent if he ran to be Israels prime minister report

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Trump also reportedly took aim at Democrats during his speech allegedly saying that he didnt understand how any Jewish person could vote for a Democrat. On Friday Trump blasted Democrats as anti Jewish following the measures passage. Trump tweeted last week that it was shameful House Democrats wouldnt take a stronger stand against Anti Semitism in their conference. Donald Trumps drive to reshape global trade wont spare one of his countrys closest allies and its oldest free trade partner Israel. Though American negotiators met with Israelis at the time discussions never progressed because Israel was reluctant to reduce competitive barriers. Rachel Hirshler said a round of negotiations would take place next week. highlighted the increase in sales that could result from reduced levies on processed food in Israel including dairy products. In leaked comments from a Friday event for Republican donors Donald Trump claims that he would be at 98 percent in polls if he ran for Israeli prime minister. Northam was accused of posing in blackface that is according to CNN. Donald Trump made a blackface joke that was apparently a reference to Virginia Governor Ralph Northam

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