Donald Trump Getting Ivanka Jared Kushner Security Clearances is Like Parents Bribing College Admissions Obama Ethics Chief

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An ethics chief under former President Barack Obama on Thursday compared the college admissions scandal to President Donald Trump reportedly pressuring White House officials to grant top law Jared Kushner. On Tuesday college sports coaches and Hollywood celebrities. Shaub frequently tweets about the ethics of the president his family and administration. Steve Bannon reportedly had an explosive confrontation with Ivanka Trump in which he told her Go f**k yourself and it all took place in front of her father President Donald Trump. The book delves into the controversial roles that Ivanka and husband play in the Trump White House. As The Guardian reported Ivanka Trump and former top strategist Steve Bannon often butted heads. The two were in an argument over leaks to the press and Ivanka reportedly called Bannon a f***ing liar during the exchange as well. youre a g***mn staffer! bannon reportedly yelled at ivanka woodward recounted in fear. Painter noted that House Democrats are also probing other payments that arent emoluments clause violations but could be creating financial conflicts of interests for her. House Democrats are examining Ivanka Trump to determine if she leveraged her role in government to profit for herself the Times reported

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