Ivanka Trump Has Plans To Run For President One Day New Tell All Book Reveals

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Ivanka Trump may have higher political aspirations than serving as an aide to her father a new tell all book reveals. In an excerpt published by The Guardian former top White House economic adviser Gary Cohn said that Ivanka wants to follow in her fathers footsteps. The book delved into the relationship between Ivanka Trump and her equally well connected husband Jared Kushner. white house advisers ivanka trump and jared kushner show why nepotism laws exist. Others have already hinted that Ivanka Trump is gearing up for a run for president. As a member of the seemingly dwindling group of moderates in this country I was profoundly dismayed by the public spat between Ivanka Trump and Rep. Ivanka Trump has long been a fierce advocate for working women even championing a $50 million initiative aimed at helping women find jobs and generally empower them in the workforce. When you hear Ivanka Trump speak on issues like this one it sounds silly. Ivanka can bring the liquor and Alexandria can teach us her best cocktail. If theres one thing we can absolutely count on in our post ethical partisan era a similar sometimes astoundingly similar scandal on the other side

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