Trump Dems an anti Jewish party

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I thought yesterdays vote by the House was disgraceful Trump told reporters at the White House. I condemn the use of anti Semitism by my colleagues Rep. said on CNN Trump is lucky that he escaped specific mention in the text given his past comments. You had some very bad people in that group Trump said. On one hand he wants to give voice to progressive Orthodox Jews who oppose President Donald Trump. I cannot even describe how sickening it is to see this man use our people like this Nehorai wrote. Nehorais organization and serves as a forum for those who dislike the communitys rightward turn. Being very honest doesnt really work in a place where conformity is more important than honesty he said. We live in a world that sees these discussions as zero Cortez. She explained her involvement with Jexodus but at times seemed half hearted and eventually admitted that even her Jewish friends dont agree and the chances of converting most Jewish people to the Republican Party are slim

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