Trump s amazing jobs numbers were due to people like me working into their 80s and stockpiling fish antibiotics

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I wondered how many of those jobs were being held by independent contractors who werent receiving any Social Security or healthcare. My longest stint as an independent contractor for a single company was seven years as a salesperson for a large national flooring company. When I worked for the flooring company maintenance or gas. Independent contractors have to pay for our own health insurance or roll the dice and pay medical expenses out of pocket. This reality is particularly brutal for independent contractors who dont receive paid time off for sick leave or vacations. On a relative basis Trumps average approval rating since taking office is the lowest of any U. 90% of republicans 33% of independents and 4% of democrats currently approve. Republicans and Democrats ratings have not deviated much over the course of Trumps presidency but independents have been somewhat more variable in their views. Explore President Trumps approval ratings and compare them with those of past presidents in the Gallup Presidential Job Approval Center. I remember vividly having a conversation with the president on coal jobs versus solar panel installers he said

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