Kellyanne Conway sounds fine with Trump attacking her husband on Twitter

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Trumps feud with George Conway has played out with ever more heated rhetoric on social media. A campaign official said that Trump has met countless people and that it was unclear if Trump would recognize George Conway if he approached him. Washington author and hostess Sally Quinn said she chatted about the situation with Kellyanne Conway and several other writers at a recent party. George Conway has been going after Trump for years at this point. Lucky for Conway hes got plot armor a foot thick or hed be criticized by the media as being sexist for making such a comment. But bringing their marriage into it is just weird and is just as harmful to Kellyanne as it is her husband. Does Kellyanne Conway stick around longer at the White House?. Hasnt everybody tried to push me out already and here I am she said. White House counselor Kellyanne Conway is finally speaking out about the feud between President Trump and her husband and it sounds like shes on Trumps side. Conway spoke with Politico on Wednesday after Trump went after her husband calling him a stone cold loser

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