Jimmy Kimmel Fires Back at Trump You Stop Being Terrible Well Stop Pointing It Out

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Its tough when theres only one topic quoting his morning show megaphone Fox & Friends. Obama wore mom jeans one time we made jokes about it for six straight years. you stop being terrible well stop pointing it out. Jimmy Kimmel shot back Wednesday night after President Trump attacked late sided. the presidents message was spurred by former tonight show host jay leno who said earlier this week that late night shows had become too political. ILHAN OMARS ISRAEL TWEETSOn Jimmy Kimmel Live the host had more to say about Trump. You stop being terrible OK?Late Show host Stephen Colbert also mocked Trumps tweet about the late sided. The comedy I do is not one sided Colbert said. welcome to best of late night a rundown of the previous nights highlights that lets you sleep and lets us get paid to. He Gives Us No ChoicePresident Trump came after the late sided hatred

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