Kim Jong Un Tells Putin Trump Acted In Bad Faith At Vietnam Summit

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Trumps attitude was the focus of the conversation between Kim and Putin North Koreas Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement Friday. North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong ho told reporters Trump was lying and that Kim suggested a realistic proposal in which Trump was not interested. Asia Press added the caveat that North Korea itself may have fabricated the rumor. Story Continued BelowI think were doing very well with North Korea. Democrats jumping into the 2020 race have largely avoided the topic which is a tricky one given the historically bipartisan failure to solve the North Korea crisis. to relax sanctions on North Korea where analysts say efforts to improve ties with North Korea are losing momentum due to the chill between the U. I think there is a lot of excitement for getting a deal done with North Korea Trump said. Sources say that North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un expressed his anger and frustration with the US following his failed summit with President Donald Trump to Russian President Vladimir Putin during a North Korea Russia summit in Vladivostok Russia. The horrendous Easter bombings in Sri Lanka make little sense; the question remains why?The Muslims are another minority in Sri Lanka. Putin is now playing the role of global power broker with North Korea drawing the attention Trump had received briefly until the falling out

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