Trumps Pursuit of Big Deal With Kim Dents Calls for Quick Fix

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President Trump says a third summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong un could happen but sanctions on Pyongyang will remain in place. Its step by step Trump said as he met with the South Korean president. He said he agreed with Trump on the ultimate goal of total denuclearization by North Korea. Trump made the remarks on Thursday while addressing the media along with his South Korean counterpart Moon Jae in before their bilateral meeting at the White House Xinhua reported. According to the full transcript provided by the White House Trump said that it could happen. When asked if a three way summit with Kim and Moon is also possible Trump said that could happen also. Dismissing Trumps claim wanting those impeding the livelihood of their people to be removed first. president donald trump rejected calls for confidence ins efforts to restart nuclear talks with kim jong un. You can work out step step pieces but at this moment were talking about the big deal. North Korea replaced its nominal head of state a top figure in the military and ruling party

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