Deutsche Bank Ignored Potential Illicit Activity In Trump Kushner Accounts

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Staff members then prepared reports that were intended for the Treasury Department arm that polices financial crimes according to five employees interviewed by the paper. You present them with everything who was terminated for questioning the banks practices. They are prone to discounting everything. According to the Times bank executives overruled the employees and did not alert the government. Trump counter attacked by launching a lawsuit against Deutsche Bank in an attempt to stop it complying with the subpoenas. Deutsche Bank has been fined for laundering billions of dollars for Russians. The Trump Organization said it had no knowledge of any flagged transactions with Deutsche Bank. The Times quoted a Deutsche Bank spokeswoman as saying investigators were not prevented from escalating activity identified as potentially suspicious. Officials at Deutsche Bank and the Trump Organization were not immediately available to Reuters for independent comment. At least some of them involved money flowing back and forth with overseas entities or individuals which bank employees considered suspicious

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