Revealed Kushner challenged on conflicts of interest by Trump aides

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Kushner an Army veteran and longtime Washington public relations executive. The exchange is described by Vicky Ward in her upcoming book Kushner Inc. The book depicts the couple as both omnipresent and powerful forcing their will upon White House staffers and lashing out at enemies real and perceived when rebuked. Wed just be sitting there awkwardly They were reckless. All to protect Jared and Ivanka he told Ward. The confrontations are detailed in Kushner Inc by the journalist Vicky Ward Ivanka Trump. Tillerson told Kushner that his interference had endangered the US an unidentified Tillerson aide tells Ward. Ivanka Trump is reported to have interfered in telephone calls between her father and foreign dignitaries despite having overseas business interests. Wards book portrays Kushner and Ivanka Trump as relentlessly ambitious operators who are loathed by many forced to work with them. They have received special treatment tweeted

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