Californias 2020 Ballot May Exclude Trump If He Doesnt Release His Tax Returns

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Im often mistaken for other Asian American journalists. It took me years to realize that it also stings. Were both Korean American and our last name is Lee. officials from accepting gifts or payments from foreign governments without congressional consent. A State Department spokesperson referred Reuters to the Justice Department because the subject involved matters related to ongoing litigation. He said Trump World Tower is owned by its third party condominium owners and therefore Trump would not receive proceeds from the lease of such units. California is once again looking to force President Donald Trump and every other presidential candidate into releasing at least five years worth of income tax returns. In fact a bill passed Thursday by the states Senate may result in Californias 2020 ballot excluding Trump unless his tax returns are made public. Its worth noting that Brown never released his tax returns while in office. But California reportedly isnt the only state seeking to make the public release of tax returns a prerequisite for appearing on a ballot

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