Keystone XL Opponents ask judge to block new Trump permit on long stalled oil pipeline

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Unlike previous orders from Mr Trump involving immigration and other matters his action on Keystone XL came after a court already had weighed in and blocked the administrations plans. Mr Trumps permit wades into uncharted she said. Donald Trump has assembled his new legal team to fight House Democrats demand for six years worth of the presidents elusive tax returns. Trump retained the law firm Consovoy McCarthy Park PLLC to represent him with regard to congressional requests for his tax returns. He has contended Congress has the authority to review the presidents returns under existing tax law. Trump has for years maintained that hes never voluntarily given up his tax returns because he is allegedly under audit by the IRS. Twenty US states have filed a motion to block funding for a wall President Donald Trump plans to build on the southern border. The states led by California requested that a federal judge stop Trump from diverting federal funds to build his promised wall along the US Mexico border. After Congress rejected Trumps request for $5. Under the emergency notably the Pentagon budget for military construction projects

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