Maher Calls Trump And Fox News The Axis Of Evil In The World Now

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You despise his little monkey fingers touching your hands. it looks like maher and many others in the liberal media continue to suffer from a bruised ego because they couldnt handle one thing. A transcript of the relevant portion of Fridays edition of Real Time is below. He claimed Trump and Mr Murdoch have formed a axis of evil that is ruining the world. Mr Maher was speaking on his long running Friday night show Real Time with Bill Maher. melania trump wears demure white mini dress at military mothers event. After comedian Bill Maher slapped a new nickname on Donald Trump #Brokeahontas started trending. According to a Politico report this week as a political weapon against his rivals. Trump believes that if you can encapsulate someone in a phrase or a nickname a source close to Trump told Politico

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