Ex Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort sentenced to 47 months for fraud in Mueller case

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Before delivering his sentence a generous person. Manafort did not provide valuable information to the special counsel that wasnt already known Andres said. The special counsel also highlighted additional wrongdoing Manafort is alleged to have done since his cases began including witness tampering and lying to investigators. New York authorities are reportedly prepping charges against Manafort if Trump does pardon his crimes. It wasnt long ago that Trump saw and berated Manafort as a nuisance and another expendable former adviser. According to sources close to the president Trump never formed a rapport or comfort level of trust with Manafort during the campaign prior to his ouster. The special counsels office has also probed Psy Group for its connection to various individuals on the Trump campaign. Without robust investigations of individuals like Manafort building a case against them can be challenging. Prosecutors in this case the special counsels office have great discretion in how they prioritize and pursue criminals. While these minimums often apply to more blue collar crimes they are rarely passed for misdeeds like Manaforts

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