Foxs John Roberts calls out Trump for lying about being cleared of collusion in Manafort trial

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I feel very badly for Paul Manafort Trump told reporters. SPONSOREDThe president also said that todays sentence proved that there was no collusion between his campaign in the Russia investigation Roberts reported. But we should make it clear that the sentencing and the charges that Paul Manafort was being sentenced for had nothing to do with Russia collusion he fact checked. Marshals arising from the same conduct prosecuted by federal authorities. Manaforts fate on Wednesday suggested the peril they face is real and at least partly beyond Trumps control. Instead asserting that the additional 3. 5 year prison sentence was excessive while describing her public rebuke of Manaforts conduct as unnecessary. i feel very badly for paul manafort trump told reporters after the sentence was announced. But as Manhattan DA Cy Vances move against Manafort on Wednesday showed state prosecutors are in many ways a law unto themselves. and if they could find compelling evidence of serious crimes committed by manafort is there any doubt that state prosecutors could uncover trumps own past crimes?but state prosecutors dont have to worry about those concerns

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