Pardon me Manafort and other Trump allies pro Trump legal antics come into focus

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After his Wednesday sentencing former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort was looking at possibly spending less than six years in prison or having his crimes pardoned by President Trump. Of course and Manaforts lawyer essentially pleaded for the president to do so. Because theyre state charges Trump cannot pardon Manafort for them. The latest sentencing arises from two conspiracy charges Manafort pleaded guilty to last year. I do feel badly for Paul Manafort Mr Trump told reporters after the sentencing on Wednesday. Mr Trump has always denied the charge describing the inquiry as a witch hunt. the punishment was far below federal sentencing guidelines. The judge said there was no collusion with Russia Trump told reporters last week. But his open empathy for Manafort and broad hints that a pardon could be possible sent alarm bells ringing throughout Washington. The President said last year that a pardon for Manafort was not off the table

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