Founder of busted Florida massage parlor chain reportedly ran business promising access to Trump at Mar a Lago

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celebration that included Chinese executives posed with members of the Trump family. If the alleged madam of a prostitution front Florida massage parlor is indeed selling the Chinese access to the president the story could be as dangerous as it is lascivious. On Saturday also runs an investment business that has offered to sell Chinese clients access to Trump and his family. Yangs company is promoting an upcoming event at Mar Lago featuring Trumps sister Elizabeth Trump Grau. How many studies do you have to throw at the vaccine hysterics before they quit?How much of a scientific consensus how many unimpeachable experts and how exquisitely rational an argument must you present?. The organization is a political action committee based in Washington D. The familys Tokyo Day Spa branches have attracted the attention of at least two police agencies the Herald reported. The next was Tokyo Day Spa in Jupiter the Herald reported. Li Yang has yet another intriguing line of work. They expressed concern the Yangs efforts to broker interactions with Trump and his clan could be exploited by Chinese intelligence

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