Think tank bearing McCains name releases fact sheet rebutting Trumps criticisms

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trump obsessed with mccain cause hell never be the hero that mccain is 08. 3 Republican presidential candidate Sen. speaks at a rally outside Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Fla. President Donald Trump is not backing down from his longstanding criticism of the late Sen. i was never a fan of john mccain and i never will be. I gave him the kind of funeral that he wanted Ohio. Trump has said for years that he doesnt think McCain is a hero because the senator was captured in Vietnam. One McCain Senate vote in particular is the thumbs down Trump cant seem to forget. Johnny Isakson of Georgia said not only the McCain family but the nation deserves better than Trumps disparagement. I look forward to soon re naming the Senate Russell Building after American hero tweeted Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer of New York

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