Mitch McConnell Destroys the Senate so Trump Can Destroy the Judiciary

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If you dont want to vote for him at least buy a mug. One of the great political themes of the Democratic presidential campaign is how much everybody loves Joe Biden. Go past the T shirts and memorial coffee cups and youll see a ton of stuff. Mitch McConnell has changed the rules of the Senate so that Donald Trumps judicial picks can get approved even faster. At this point Donald Trump has appointed 92 total judges. But I think people need to understand that its actually not Donald Trump. Now that Senate Republicans have voted to drastically change those confirmation rules Nelson worries extremists like Farr could gain lifetime appointments to federal courts as Trump seeks to keep a major campaign promise to his base and push the judiciary further right. A coalition of civil rights reproductive justice and LGTBQ groups are drawing attention to Trumps nominees with troubling records. And then there is Howard Nielson and Matthew Kacsmaryk two Trump nominees that civil rights groups say have a history of anti LGBTQ activism. While Trump promised his base that he would pack the courts with social conservatives who oppose abortion and LGBTQ rights civil rights advocates say Republicans in Congress may live to regret Wednesdays rule change

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