Mitch McConnell reelection announce video touts praise from Trump blocking of Merrick Garland Felicia SonmezWashington Post

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One I dont usually reflect on the connections that help me understand how I learn something new or what goes into coming up with some new concept. is highlighting praise fromand victories in back back supreme court nomination fights as he formally kicks off his reelection bid. McConnell is running for reelection for his seventh term in the Senate next year in a state where Trump remains deeply popular. But he remains a top target for national Democrats who still fault him for ostensibly denying Obama a Supreme Court seat. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell R Ky. pending his personal review of the Mueller report. McConnells Republican allies in the Senate were adopting a similar although that could change after they are briefed on the report. I look forward to the opportunity to look through the publicly available report Sen. I agree with the four categories of redacted material that will not be made public

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