Donald Trump And A Visibly Upset Melania Reportedly Had An Argument During Dinner At Mar A Lago

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# p #3_9 # ad skipped = NULL #Another Mar Lago source told People that Muellers report had put pressure on President Trump. # p #5_9 # ad skipped = NULL #Melania has spoken about her and the presidents relationship in the past. But I know what is right and what is wrong and what is true or not true. Tensions between Donald Trump and wife Melania reportedly spilled over during a recent visit to Mar Lago with the couple getting into an argument during dinner in a room filled with the exclusive clubs guests. A source told the outlet that Melania was visibly upset and that the two had words over something while they were eating in the dining area. Donald Trump had appeared at a Republican fundraiser earlier that day. Melania spent some time apart from Donald choosing to stay in Mar Lago for a week when Daniels appeared on primetime television to spill embarrassing details about the affair. The president and first lady had a long weekend together at the Southern White House as Mar Lago is known. Melania Trump had spent that week there with their son Barron during his Spring break. President Trump and Melania Trump have faced questions on their marriage and the status of it since entering the White House

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