A new low Trump tried to use migrants as cannon fodder against Democrats

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During the meeting the officials also discussed whether the U. military could legally run the camps once the migrants are housed there a move the three officials said was very unlikely since U. law prohibits the military from directly interacting with migrants. The law has been a major limitation for Trump who wants to engage troops in his mission to get tougher on immigration. Thousands of troops are currently deployed along the southern border and are mainly used for reinforcing existing fencing with barbed wire. The tent cities would hold immigrants while Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention facilities continue to be at capacity. On Wednesday Trump spoke about increasing the number of U. This material may not be published rewritten or redistributed. Trump wants the military to run migrant tent cities on the border which the military is legally barred from doing. Mexico border to build and maintain detention camps for migrants who do not fit in existing facilities

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