Trump Admin Expands Collecting Biometric Data From Migrants Raising Concerns From Friends

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On Wednesday the Trump administration requested $4. 5 billion of emergency funding to address what it called an immediate humanitarian crisis at the southern border. Unlike single adults and families whom the Department of Homeland Security is responsible for unaccompanied children must be transferred to HHSs Office of Refugee Resettlement. A mother and her son are given arm bands after turning themselves into U. border patrol agents to claim asylum after crossing the rio grande in el paso . Has Begun Sending Migrants to Sanctuary CitiesPresident Donald Trump said on Saturday night that the United States is now sending undocumented migrants to sanctuary cities. Now were sending many of them to sanctuary cities Wisconsin. Im proud to tell you that was actually my sick idea. on friday in a speech to the national rifle association he said the us is forced to release undocumented migrants into the country and that we give them. The Department of Homeland Security has not announced it is sending migrants to sanctuary cities

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