IRS Head Won t Say Whether Mnuchin Will Make Final Call On Trump s Taxes

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under a long specific matters and has delegated to the irs commissioner as follows. Summers would have to notify the relevant committees if he plans not to delegate this issue to the IRS chief. He argued that neither he nor previous Treasury secretaries would have interfered with the IRS to contravene a nearly century old statute that had been applied on many previous occasions. Mnuchin has also been at the center of Mr. Trumps growing frustration with the Federal Reserve which he publicly blames for slowing American economic growth. Trump has aimed much of his criticism at the Fed chairman Jerome H. Powell whom the president installed to the top job on the recommendation of Mr. I am not afraid of being fired at all Mr. mnuchins handling of the matter will be. Trump who has kept his tax returns closely guarded despite promises as a candidate to eventually release them

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