MSNBC CNN Spreads False Impression that Trump Called Immigrants Animals

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Trump is notorious for commanding loyalty and Nielsen was one of few original cabinet officials left after just two years in office. Its a good question and where does she go from here? asked Reuters reporter Jeff Mason. At the close of the panel asking Nielsen if it was all worth it. Center for American Progress President Neera Tanden said on MSNBC Friday night that this afternoon Trump had referred to people coming across the border as animals. Former Democratic National Committee CEO Jess OConnell told MSNBC on Saturday he compared immigrants to animals. i want to start first with what we heard the president say there. I keep thinking about The New Colossus emblazoned on the Statue of Liberty here in New York City. This is a startlingly different message the United States is sending to the world. like most other countries the united states did not welcome jewish refugees from europe. so you would think that of all the groups for president trump to give the message the country is full particularly something of note

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