MSNBC Pundits Truth Bomb Trump Appeal All About Racism

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The Trump people dont care how crass Trump is how much he lies. How many people here dont think he lies?Not a single Republican in that big room I dont think he lies. Usually you vote for people usually you vote for people you think are telling the truth. When I see polls that says Elizabeth Warren beating or even with Donald Trump in Texas No. I love Elizabeth Warren thats just not true. Especially given the number of Proud Boys who showed up at his rally in Orlando. Especially given the fact that the only thing WORKING for him is his racism. The Washington Free Beacon reported two fact manglings at the scene of MSNBC on Wednesday. trump speaks at rally but one network cuts awaymsnbcs morning joe co host joe scarborough could not help himself by showing disdain for and disrespect to the president. He claimed that Trumps Tuesday night campaign style performance reminded him of Elvis Presley in his later days performing for the adoring crowds

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