MSNBCs Chris Hayes Taunts Hannity Ingraham Shameless Toadies For Trump

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For an MSNBC panelist its driving his car straight into Trump Plaza. anyway innocent until proven guilty butaccident doesnt seem likely to me. the confirmation of a conservative judge was possibly going to initialize a thousand year reich. The guy whos dreaming of crashing his car into a building full of people. sometimes it feels like theres a competition over at trump tv to see who can be the most shameless toady for the man in the white house. now im a little worried that that competition may be straining the relationships between the good friends hosting the shows over there. Hayes returned to the Fox feud later in his show when he did his own handoff with fellow MSNBC host Rachel Maddow. You nailed the thing that was scariest about it Maddow noted. hide under a table this is a scary family fight. After one leaves the Trump White House one can either begin the process of trying to repair that dignity or continue down the career path of publicly humiliating oneself for money

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