democrats seek muellers final full report now decried by trump fri 19 apr

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mueller made proffers to many including ivanka trump lawyer 04. Although he previously claimed that Muellers report amounts to a total exoneration and cast the document itself as politically motivated. On Friday Trump complained that he was unable to push back on the claims made by his aides in Muellers report. In one exchange depicted in the report Trump questioned McGahn about his note taking. I never had a lawyer who took notes Trump reportedly said. issuing a subpoena friday morning to force the justice department to turn over muellers full report and the underlying evidence. The committee chairman added that it is up to Congress to determine the full scope of that alleged misconduct by Trump depicted in Muellers report. President Donald Trumps approval rating has taken a hit since the redacted Mueller report was released to the public on Thursday morning. Fifty percent of the adults polled said they believe that President Trump tried to stop the Mueller investigation. When asked if the Mueller report has changed their minds 68 percent said they were more likely to believe that President Trump or someone close to him broke the law

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