Don McGahn disclosures to Mueller scares Trump team the most reporter says

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The American people deserve the truth not a sanitized version of the Mueller Report approved by the Trump Admin. Ken Starr giving his take on the upcoming release of the Mueller report. todd dives into the mueller report with former navy seal jonathan gilliam. Twenty four hours from now we will see the beginning of an impeachment drive against President Trump or the end of it. If Mueller makes the case for impeachment the Democrats need to rise up and do their duty. And going further than Mueller Barr added that he would not bring obstruction charges against the president. Im deeply troubled by reports that the WH is being briefed on the Mueller report AHEAD of its release. The redacted Mueller report wont be impossible to digest. Top congressional Democrats called on Mueller to testify publicly in Congress about his investigation criticizing Barrs rollout of the report. The Justice Department has been working for weeks to prepare the redactions which will be color coded to reflect the reason material is omitted

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