Hogan Waiting Until Mueller Report Drops To Decide On Trump Primary Challenge

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The whole country is waiting for this to come out Hogan told The Washington Post in an interview published Monday. What would any Republican be thinking saying This is a guy Im going to run against? McDaniel said. So have at it waste your time and go ahead and lose. Deputy special counsel Andrew Weissmann Mueller spokesman Peter Carr confirmed. Democrats seem to be lowering their expectations and shifting their goalposts on the Special Counsel report so one wonders if theyre now convinced that will underwhelm. A new poll illustrating what appears to be a downward trend in trust regarding Special Counsel Robert Muellers Russia investigation. Sixty one percent of participants also said it was very important that the Department of Justice release Muellers report to the public. When asked by pollsters whether they believe that Muellers probe is a witch hunt as President Trump often describes it 50. 3 percent of participants said that they agreed with the president. 4 percent said they believed the House should seriously consider impeaching President Trump

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