Inside Trumps evening for the ages When he learned Mueller was done

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White House spokesman Hogan Gidley says the White House has not received and has not been briefed on the Russia report issued by special counsel Robert Mueller. Barr received Muellers report on Friday. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is telling House Democrats that even if there are no further prosecutions from special counsel Robert Mueller his full report must be released to Congress. Attorney General William Barr will not be providing Congress with special counsel Robert Muellers findings on Saturday. He received special counsel Robert Muellers final report on the Russia investigation Friday afternoon. These investigations could result in charges beyond those brought in Muellers investigation or civil liability. Some legal experts have argued the department is wrong and that a president is not immune from prosecution. Other prosecutors within the Justice Department will likely take over criminal cases begun by Mueller legal experts said. NEW YORK STATE CHARGES AGAINST MANAFORTThe Manhattan district attorneys office is exploring criminal charges against Paul Manafort over financial crimes related to unpaid state taxes and possibly loans. In the early evening all waiting to learn what might be contained in Muellers report

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