Judge Napolitano on Latest Manafort News in Mueller Trump Russia Probe Not Ending Soon

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We know that that is a focus still of Bob Mueller Napolitano said. Napolitano also said he believes there will not be one Mueller report but several reports for the various areas of Muellers investigation. The House voted 420 0 last week to encourage Attorney General William Barr to release Muellers full report to the public when it is issued. Deputy special counsel Andrew Weissmann Mueller spokesman Peter Carr confirmed. Democrats seem to be lowering their expectations and shifting their goalposts on the Special Counsel report so one wonders if theyre now convinced that will underwhelm. But some polling experts took issue with the phrasing of the survey question saying it may have skewed the results. this is a badly written poll question because it is asking two different things at the same time. Are respondents agreeing that the investigation is a witch hunt or that Trump is subjected to more investigations than other presidents?Some prior polling on the witch hunt topic showed smaller proportions of Americans identifying with the presidents rhetoric. Strong majorities of Republicans in both of those polls called the probe a witch hunt

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