Mueller Bashing Hannity Embraces Report As Trump Vindication

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Attorney General William Barr told Judiciary Committee leadership that he could be ready to brief them as soon as this weekend on the principal conclusions of Muellers probe. A source familiar with the matter told The Hill that lawmakers would not be briefed on the report Saturday. Democrats are demanding that Barr release Muellers report publicly something he stopped short of pledging to do during his confirmation hearing before the Judiciary Committee. As I previously posted that neither Trump nor any of his associates left unindicted should breathe easy. After dismissing Muellers indictments zip registered Republicans. This is a lie that either Hannity got from Trump or vice versa. Attorney General William Barr now has the Mueller Report when Barr did not have the Mueller Report. The major difference is that the mystery before us has slightly changed form. Meanwhile a state regulatory entity is looking into whether Trump gave false information to insurance companies. If youre Trump like an even greater threat than the Russia probe

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