Mueller investigation timeline From James Comey to the report every major step of the probe into Donald Trump

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Robert Muellers job may be done but President Donald Trump still faces potential legal peril from many sides. And his ex fixer Michael Cohen told Congress that there are other active federal probes into the business that he couldnt discuss. He also said he was unable to discuss certain other topics related to Trumps business because of his assistance with active investigations by federal prosecutors in New York. trump lawyers want early look at muellers findings before they are made public. NEW YORK President Donald Trump still has to contend with state and federal investigations in New York even with the Russia investigation complete. But some legal observers say the greater threat to Trumps presidency could stem from ongoing investigations in New York. Federal prosecutors in Manhattan are still investigating hush money payments that former Trump attorney Michael Cohen arranged to women who claimed affairs with Trump. Justice Department has held for nearly a half century that a sitting president is immune from indictment. ASSOCIATED PRESSThe pro completed Mueller Report recommends no new indictments. Fifth Barr has announced he will brief Congressional figures about the conclusions of the Mueller Report

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