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That included Trump ordering then White House Counsel Don McGahn to tell Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein that Mueller has to go. The report says Trump also downplayed talks about a possible Trump Tower Moscow which were ongoing during the campaign. Speaking at a White House event around the same time as the release Trump said it was a good day. Barrs letter to Congress was in many ways his own interpretation of Muellers investigation. As Barr explained during his short press conference before the reports disclosure Trump was undergoing unprecedented strain from the moment he stepped into the White House. Trump viewed the Attorney General as his own personal protector from legal jeopardy rather than Americas chief law enforcement officer. Some Democrats who were previously reluctant to talk about impeachment proceedings may have enough in the report to change their minds. The report references Flynns recollections of interactions with then candidate Trump. Barbara Ledeen according to Muellers report. He said he was aware of some reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin had made complimentary statements about him

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